Amanda S. Holliday, MS

Assistant Professor, Department of Nutrition and Director of Practice Advancement and Continuing Education Division

Amanda is interested in older adult nutrition and the clinical and management nutrition components of the professional education for dietitians. She works primarily with students enrolled in the bachelors and masters programs to become registered dietitians. She currently teaches two diet medical nutrition therapy courses and an interviewing and counseling skills development course, a nutrition and older adult course and a diet medical nutrition therapy case seminar course. She is also preceptor for the master’s students completing the hospital-based experience and long-term care experience with staff dietitians in area hospitals. Amanda is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the North Carolina Dietetics Association and the Durham-Chapel Hill-Dietetics Association. Most recently, Amanda was appointed as the Director of the Practice, Advancement, and Continuing Education (PACE) Division within the Department of Nutrition.

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