What Is Public Health?

What Is Public Health?

Learn about the rewarding careers available with a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from the Gillings School of Global Public Health at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Earning an MPH

Earning an MPH

Before starting your public health journey, learn what makes earning an MPH from UNC-Chapel Hill worthwhile by gaining insight into the pros and cons.

How to Become an Epidemiologist

Become an Epidemiologist

Wondering if epidemiology is the right career path for you? Learn more about epidemiology jobs, salaries, how long it takes to become an epidemiologist and more.

Online MPH with No GRE Requirements

Yes, you can earn an online master’s in public health without taking the GRE. Learn more about the online MPH no GRE required offered by UNC.

The Anatomy of Air Pollution

In the United States, the cleanliness of air varies wildly within regions — even within neighborhoods. This can fatally and disparately affect the health of Americans living less than a few miles from each other.